Eugene City Council Tweaks Civic Stadium Offer

Jan 22, 2014

Civic Stadium is up for sale, lease or trade by the Eugene 4j School District.
Credit Jes Burns

Facing a Monday deadline with no sign of major donors in sight, the Eugene City Council Wednesday tweaked its offer to purchase Civic Stadium. Last November, the city proposed buying Civic for $4.5-million on the condition that donors stepped up with $5.5-million. At Wednesday’s work session, the council voted to remove the contingency requirement. Councilor Mike Clark expressed doubt about the school district choosing the city’s proposal. And he doesn’t think the city should over extend itself financially.

Clark: “This council has some other work to do if we’re looking at the bigger picture. We have a budget problem that we may or may not solve long-term, with a long-term solution, soon. And so we may or may not face an on-going question about how to do that and whether it involves the public. There are issues around city hall that may involve the public, and by that we may ask them, please participate in this way financially.”

Tuesday the developers behind the Fred Meyer proposal added $1-million to their offer to buy the 10-acre civic property. This comes a week after the YMCA said it would offer more money for the site. The Eugene 4J School District is expected to make a decision February 19.