Eugene City Officials Prepare To Grapple With Budget Gap

Apr 24, 2017

The City of Eugene's budget for the coming fiscal year shows a $1 million gap.  As KLCC’s Brian Bull reports, officials are hoping to tackle it without cutting services. 

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Technically, it’s a $3-million budget gap between fiscal year 2018 through 2020.  That’s a bigger gap than what was originally projected last year.

Twyla Miller is the Acting Budget and Analysis Manager for the city. She explains what’s affected earlier estimates.

“Revenues are growing more slowly than we had predicted. Property tax revenues are lower than previously forecast, which is offset somewhat by increases in other revenue sources, such as the new local marijuana tax revenue and ground emergency medical transport…and our expenditures are increasing due to slightly higher PERS rates than we previously forecast," Miller says.

"And there’s the addition of several ongoing services, some by the budget committee last spring, and a few that the city manager will detail in his budget presentation on Wednesday.” 

Miller says what’s used to offset the budget gap this coming year won’t necessarily be the standard for the following two years. 

City manager Jon Ruiz will share his proposed budget at 5:30 Wednesday evening.  A budget committee meeting a week later will invite public comment.

Jon Ruiz, the City of Eugene's Manager.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

The current FY2018 budget proposal can be found online at the City of Eugene's official website.