Eugene-Kathmandu Sister City Association Continues Nepal Earthquake Fundraising Efforts

Apr 30, 2015

The Eugene Kathmandu Sister City Association has been raising money for victims of the Nepal earthquake. The group created a fundraising page but had to remove their tax-deductible gift statement after being contacted by the state department of justice. KLCC's Corinne Boyer reports that's now been fixed.

Eugene/Kathmandu Sister City Association members.

The Eugene/Kathmandu Sister City Association fundraising link was listed on the City of Eugene's website, according to its president Dennis Ramsey. The association falls under the umbrella of a foundation. Eugene spokeswoman Jan Bohman says the link was removed after the Department of Justice found the foundation's non-profit status had lapsed. Ramsey used the foundation's tax id number for fundraising, but wasn't aware of the nonprofit's status. Ramsey says it was an error made by the IRS.

Ramsey: "We found out just today that our attorney called the IRS to inquire about what is the hold up with the determination letter for the Eugene City Sister Cities Foundation. And what he discovered was that the IRS had mistakenly and erroneously closed the file."

Ramsey created the website to help victims of the Nepal earthquake. Ramsey says the association will meet to decide which non-profits will receive the $13,000 raised so far. Funds now donated to the group will be tax deductible.