Eugene Library Says Bedbugs Are Gone

Dec 26, 2014

A bedbug problem at the Eugene Public Library seems to have been solved. But, the pests are popping up in rentals in Lane County.

St Vincent de Paul Executive Director Terry McDonald says bedbugs do not discriminate.

McDonald: "You can be in a very expensive place or a very modest home or facility and bedbugs can find their way in."

McDonald says he's heard of bedbugs in some of St. Vinnie's rental properties.

McDonald: "Especially in the cold times of the year when people are more closed-in, we see an influx of bedbugs. As a matter of fact, all of the west coast. I was in California recently, and it appears like the west coast is starting to see the same kinds of problems that we saw on the east coast a few years ago."

The best way to get rid of bedbugs is to act fast. If you see brown spots on bedding that could be evidence of a problem. Wrap furniture in plastic and contact a bedbug specialist.