Eugene Men Charged With Robbery Of Springfield Lottery Deli

Mar 20, 2018

Springfield Police have arrested two men suspected in the armed robbery of Lucky Lou’s video lottery deli last week.

Waquas Ali "Vick" Bhatti, age 32 of Eugene, and James Thomas Tkacs, age 40, of Eugene. Both have been arrested and charged with the robbery of Lucky Lou's video lottery in Springfield on March 12th.

Lieutenant Scott McKee says Waquas Ali Bhatti and James Thomas Tkacs face five counts of robbery in the second degree. 

Video footage of the March 12th robbery of Lucky Lou's video lottery deli in Springfield, around 1am.

Video footage shows two men ordering customers to hand over their possessions at the lottery business, around 1:00 am on March 12th.

“It was escalating to the point that one of the suspects hit a women in the head with a gun during the course of the robbery," says McKee.  "The victims in this case did the right thing, they cooperated and even still she was hit in the head with a gun.

"We’re at least breathing a sigh of relief that we’ve got these two guys in custody.”

A clerk working in Springfield’s Main Street area tipped off police after seeing an SUV that matched one seen at the robbery. Clothing tied to the robbery – as well as meth – was found in the men’s vehicle.

Meanwhile, Eugene Police says Tkacs has also been charged in the robbery of Lil’s Deli on March 12th. Bhatti’s part in the same robbery – plus another one on March 2nd – is also being investigated.

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