Eugene Moms Mobilize to Support Portland Protesters Resisting Feds

Jul 22, 2020

A new group is forming in Eugene that’ll show support for Portland protesters and provide protection for local activists during more confrontational events.  Wall of Moms: Eugene is already drawing up lots of interest.

A recent gathering of Wall of Moms in Portland.
Credit Photo provided by Trenda Lynette / Wall of Moms (Portland)

Since announcing its formation Tuesday afternoon, more than a hundred member requests have already come in. Founder (and mom) Amanda Addams said she couldn’t ignore the call when she saw the Wall of Moms in Portland putting themselves between protesters and federal personnel in military gear.

“The federal officers who are brutalizing innocent folks who are just trying to get justice the same as anyone else…I think they’re not asking themselves, 'Is my mom proud of what I’m doing right now?'” Addams told KLCC. 

"We see ourselves as being a barrier between opposing groups, insisting that people use their words.”

Wall of Moms: Eugene has already formed legal groups, medical groups, and are trying to find qualified childcare providers to free up more people.

“Moms are nothing if not prepared,” added Addams. 

The group is also looking for Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) moms to join, to help guide its message and activities. 

The first event Wall of Moms: Eugene is joining happens tonight: a Black Unity protest outside the Springfield Public Library.

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