Eugene Muslims Respond To "Punish A Muslim Day" Flyers

Apr 3, 2018

A flyer circulating around England and possibly the U.S. is calling for people to attack Muslims. Unconfirmed rumors say the flyer has appeared on the Lane Community College campus. KLCC’s Brian Bull reports on how local Muslims are responding.

U of O students Fama Gdi (left) and Abdullah Al-shbanah (right) at an information table on-campus.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

The flyer declares April 3rd to be “Punish a Muslim Day”, and assigns increasing point values for attacks ranging from spitting in Muslim’s faces to destroying Mecca.

Flyers declaring April 3, 2018 as "Punish a Muslim Day" call for increasingly violent acts against Muslims for points. They first appeared in England and may have also shown up in Eugene, Oregon.

At the University of Oregon, members of the Muslim Student Association set up a table with informative pamphlets on Islam and took questions from people curious about their culture and religion.

Junior Fama Gdi says it’s to inform and make a statement.

“We’re Muslim and proud, despite how much people hate us for simply practicing a different faith," Gdi tells KLCC.  "So just kinda to say that we’re out here, we’re not scared.”

Another student, Abdullah Al-shbanah, says he’s concerned about calls to violence that have been made in the flyer.

“Many people actually take actions into that, so that’s really sad," he says. "And that’s why we’re doing what we’re doing now.”

Meanwhile, the Eugene Islamic Center says the FBI warned them of the “Punish A Muslim Day” flyer, and that police patrols would be stepped up around their building. Calls and knocks on the Center’s doors went unanswered. 

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