Eugene Parks Go Smoke-Free

May 30, 2016

Eugene parks and natural areas are now smoke-free. Beginning in June park goers will see signs indicating the change.

Hendricks Park in Eugene.

Kelly Darnell is with Eugene Parks and Open Spaces. She says there is overwhelming public support for the new policy. 

Darnell says it’s not just about fresh air—cigarette butts are trash.

Darnell: “It’s a tremendous amount of litter in our parks, and it’s really the biggest form of litter worldwide. It also releases toxics into the environment. So, there’s also a lot of natural area community health benefits.”

Darnell says a three-month education period will begin in June. She says it will include new signs as well as visits from city park ambassadors.

Similar rules apply in neighboring cities like Corvallis, Springfield, and Bend.

Smoking is already banned in state-owned parks.