Eugene Passes Climate Ordinance

Jul 29, 2014

Advocates of a climate reduction plan say Eugene is the first city in the country to put its carbon reduction targets into law. The City Council Monday passed the Climate Recovery Ordinance with a 6 to 2 vote.

Eugene City Councilor Alan Zelenka proposed the Climate Recovery Ordinance.
Credit City of Eugene

The proposal includes a plan to reduce the city's output of greenhouse gasses, monitor progress, and requires the city manager to bring back a community carbon reduction goal. Councilor Alan Zelenka proposed the ordinance, but he credits young people for pushing for action on climate change.

Zelenka: "What I'm most proud of is Eugeneans 'cause they really get it. Our Children's Trust and the kids that have come out and really spoke eloquently and showed us what it means to care and to take action should be the most proud."

Dozens of youth were among those who testified at City Council meetings urging them to make a stronger commitment to local action.