Eugene Police Auditor Says Cop Used Excessive Force

Sep 17, 2016

A Eugene police auditor says an officer used excessive force during last year’s arrest of two relatives of the local NAACP president.

Mark Gissiner, Eugene Police Auditor.
Credit Tiffany Eckert / KLCC

The Register-Guard reports one of three EPD officers accused of using too much force will possibly face disciplinary action for “unsatisfactory performance.”

Police Chief Pete Kerns upheld Auditor Mark Gissiner's allegation that the cop performed poorly in the situation. However, the chief has decided the officer acted within EPD’s use of force policy.

The department is not releasing the name of the officer.

NAACP President Eric Richardson and his family accused Eugene Police of using excessive force against Richardson’s sister. In July 2015 she attempted to stop an officer from tasing her son, who allegedly was experiencing a psychotic break.