Eugene Police Sting Bike Thieves With Two-Wheeled Lures

Nov 25, 2016

Eugene police are using “bait bikes” to catch bicycle thieves in the act.  Last week, two men were arrested after they made off with bikes being monitored by officers. 

Credit's Billie Grace Ward


The city’s bike theft problem is significant.  So far this year alone, nearly 650 bikes have been stolen, with only about 100 recovered.


Jeff Blonde of the EPD says cyclists can safeguard themselves by registering their bikes with the city, a free service.  Blonde has other tips. 

Jeff Blonde, EPD
Credit Brian Bull

“Using a U-lock is critical,” says Blonde. “Parking the bicycle in a well-lit, high-travel area is also a good idea.  Not leaving it on a porch, or even locked in a bike rack overnight where no one is around, and not monitoring it.”


Those who register with the city get a decal that asks, “Is this a bait bike?” In order to discourage would-be thieves.


Blonde adds 2015 saw 1,053 bikes stolen in Eugene.  Out of those, only 163 were recovered.