Eugene Police Urge Caution And Vigilance As Sixth Armed Robbery Committed Within A Week

Mar 8, 2018

A sixth armed robbery in less than a week has been committed in Eugene.

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Police say in the pre-dawn hours today (12:30am), a woman was walking alone near East 15th Avenue and Hilyard. A man threatened her with a handgun and took her money.  The man fled north on foot. He’s described as white, roughly 6 feet tall, and 180 pounds wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt.

Another woman walking near Hilyard and East 16th Avenue was robbed at gunpoint early Saturday, at 2:39am. The suspect was described as a black male roughly 6 feet tall, with light colored jeans, blue hoodie, and possibly a nose piercing.

Two robberies happened a block apart on March 3 and March 8, near Hilyard and E. 15th Ave and E. 16th Ave, respectively. Both targets were women walking by themselves in the very early morning hours near the U of O.

EPD Lieutenant David Natt says investigators are still seeing if any of the week’s armed robberies are related. In the meantime, he warns pedestrians to be cautious.

EPD Lieutenant David Natt.
Credit Eugene Police Department

“Maybe they pay pretty close attention to their surroundings and what’s going on around them, which means keeping your eyes off your phone, maybe having the headset out, walk in pairs.”

Lt. Natt urges people not to confront robbers.  He says police appreciate a detailed report of suspects as they continue their investigation.  Tips and information can be called in to EPD at (541)682-5111.

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