Eugene Police Use Bikes As Bait To Catch Thieves

Mar 14, 2019

Among other things, the Eugene area is known for bike theft, especially downtown.  The police department is working to keep this from happening.

Bike theft is prevalent in the Eugene area. Along with creating awareness about preventative measures, the police are working to catch thieves with "bait bikes."
Credit Eugene Police Department

Since July, Eugene police have been placing what they call “bait bikes” in various locations around the city. While the property crimes department has operated similar programs before, new funding has allowed them to step it up.

EPD Sergeant Wayne Dorman says every other week or so, they go out and set a trap for thieves, but with a bike as bait.

“We hear it from the community and the criminals themselves talk about the bait bike program. We want to create that doubt in the criminals’ mind of, you know, should I take that bike or am I going to get arrested if I do? And I think it’s been pretty effective in that way.”

Extra funding from the city council to work on downtown issues contributed to the increased consistency. Dorman says the program has led to 31 arrests and 17 felony convictions since July.