Eugene Program Helps Restaurants Expand Outdoor Cafe Seating

Jun 5, 2020

As Lane County continues to reopen, the City of Eugene has a new program to help restaurants increase dining capacity. The  City of Eugene’s Anne Fifield says the “Streateries” program helps restaurants by adding dining areas in places like sidewalks and street parking. 

The yellow chairs are additional seating Claim 52 was able to create with the help of the City of Eugene's "Streateries" Program.
Credit City of Eugene

“A lot of restaurants weren’t designed to be set up for people sitting six feet apart" Said Fifield. "So, moving to the outside is an obvious way for folks to go.”

Claim 52 Co-owner Jeannine Parisi says she piloted the program, which ends October 31st, because her seating capacity inside decreased by over 50 percent. She’s since added two more tables outdoors and has encouraged other businesses to use the program. 

Fees for the program have been waived and the city might lose parking revenue, but Fified says they're thinking long term. 

“Because if those businesses cannot stay in business this summer, they may not be in business next summer,” said Fifield.


As for Parisi, she says she’d like to keep the program, even for a reasonable fee.

“Now that I have it, I’d hate to lose it,” said Parisi.

For information about the “Streateries” program, contact