Eugene School Board Weighs Schedule Changes

Mar 28, 2018

The Eugene School District is considering the implementation of a common schedule for all of its students.

Credit Eugene School District 4J

Currently, almost every 4J school has its own schedule – starting and ending at various times, early release on different days. This leads to differing hours of instructional time, depending on the school.

Starting this fall, 4J students could share a common school day, depending on their grade level. Under the current ‘standardized schedule’ draft being considered by the Eugene School Board, students at the middle and high school level would be at school from about 9 am to 4 pm. Elementary students would start at either 7:55 or 8:30 am and would be finished at either 2:35 or 3:10 pm.

The Board is scheduled to discuss the changes at a work session on April 4th.