Eugene School District to Review Student Safety Policies

Aug 20, 2020

At the Eugene 4J School Board meeting Wednesday night, a framework was presented for the board to review student safety in the district. This follows a resolution passed in late June to reform policies which are seen to institutionalize racism in schools.


Students will have the opportunity to share their opinions about safety in schools during upcoming community forums

Student resource officers, or SROs, will no longer have an in-school presence after December. Board Chief of Staff Kerry Delf said sessions with the equity committee, information items in future board meetings, and community forums will be necessary to properly review the current safety system.


“This is a lot to discuss and cover before moving forward with identify values and a direction,” said Delf. “So we would look to schedule information sessions and work sessions through the fall, and moving towards board directions by the end of December and beginning of January.”


Delf said the framework involves an action plan from the superintendent, and safety policies in schools could be implemented as early as next spring.


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