Eugene-Springfield NAACP Announces Two Community Projects

Aug 17, 2020

The Eugene-Springfield NAACP branch unveiled two community support projects at Our Reedemer Lutheran Church Monday morning.


20'x80' plot of land at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church where the community garden will be
Credit Nathan Bouquet

For the first project, the NAACP partnered with Lane County Mutual Aid, and made a $10,000 donation which will be disbursed between September and December. Additionally, the group announced a community garden at Our Reedemer where food will be cultivated locally.


NAACP Executive Director Eric Richardson hopes both projects will contribute towards community cohesion and give people of color a place to feel welcome.


“We’ve been working over the last two months to really bring it together,” said Richardson. “We feel like gardening and having your own food supply is very important. It’s also a way of bringing people together and building a sense of unity in the neighborhood.”


The garden is currently being developed, and should be in full operation by spring.


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