In Eugene, Street Crimes Unit Launched

Mar 13, 2019

The Eugene Police Department has launched a new Street Crimes Unit, that’ll target routine problem offenders in neighborhoods.

EPD Chief Chris Skinner, outside a "problem house" in North Eugene that's been the source of routine complaints since 2010.
Credit EPD

Thanks to more than $8.5 million in bridge funds from the Eugene City Council, the unit will respond to tips and intelligence gathered on violations ranging from property crimes, petty theft, and what EPD Chief Chris Skinner calls “problem houses”…including one in a north Eugene neighborhood where he held his press conference Wednesday.

“Since 2010, we’ve been getting complaints, over 93 calls for service at this house," he told reporters. "Over the last year...we’ve had 46 calls for service, here.  And it really has plagued this neighborhood, they call us, they ask us to take a look, we’ve been writing search warrants, we’ve been working with our partners to try and abate this nuisance, and it has been a drain on resources.” 

Skinner says he’s wanted to form a Street Crimes Unit since taking over as Chief of Police last year. With funding set to end in June 2020, he’s looking to work on a broader public safety initiative to raise money.  He adds having the unit should allow police to answer more calls and improve response time.

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