In Eugene, Students Protest Presidential Election

Nov 9, 2016

Hundreds of South Eugene High School students walked out of class today [Wednesday] in protest of the election of Donald Trump as President. They rallied at the University of Oregon and then marched to Kesey Square.

17 year-old Rosemary Williams is a senior at South Eugene High School. She’s too young to have voted in the election. She says she and friends were depressed about the outcome and felt they needed to do something. Williams says she is afraid for the future with Trump as president:
Williams: “He’s racist. He’s talked about grabbing women, groping them. He’s called women pigs and Mexicans, he’s called them not safe and they shouldn’t come in here. He’s talked about building a wall and making them pay for it. None of his policies make any sense, and frankly he’s not fit to be commander in chief.”
Williams says she’ll miss outgoing President Barack Obama.
Students spoke out about the need to protect women’s reproductive rights, civil rights, and fight climate change. The high school and U of O students marched downtown with a police escort.
[I’m Rachael McDonald in downtown Eugene.]