Eugene Supporters of Measure 98 Celebrate

Nov 8, 2016

Volunteers with the Yes on 98 campaign celebrated with candy bars on election night.
Credit Angela Kellner/KLCC

With Oregon ballot Measure 98 passing by a wide margin, supporters in Eugene celebrated Tuesday night.

Measure 98 requires the state to fund drop-out prevention, and career and college readiness for high school students.

Dozens of volunteers, educators and supporters gathered to watch returns.

While the mood was somber over the number of states turning red for Donald Trump, supporters of Measure 98 were happy it was passing. Polly Kohl is a career and technical education teacher at Thurston High School in Springfield, Oregon. Kohl teaches robotics and machine shop. She was very excited to see Oregon voters support Measure 98.

Thurston High School teacher Polly Kohl is elated Measure 98 passed.
Credit Angela Kellner/KLCC

Kohl: "I think that career and technical education has been neglected over the years, and there are so many kids that come to school because of those kinds of classes. So I'm happy, I'm thrilled that it will have additional funding and that college prep classes and drop-out prevention programs are going to be funded."

Kohl says voters like to know where their tax money is going and since Measure 98 was specific about what it would fund, it succeeded at the ballot box.