Eugene Uses Parks To Help Businesses

Aug 20, 2020

The City of Eugene has adapted an existing program to help local businesses take advantage of outdoor park spaces during the pandemic. 

The majority of the businesses utilizing the low-cost rental program at Eugene Parks and Open Spaces are Yoga-based. The expansion of the program only started a couple weeks ago, but so far, things have been running smoothly, according to Park Reservation Coordinator Amy Meeker.
Credit Matt Gonzalez

According to Park Reservation Coordinator, Amy Meeker, the low-cost rental program started when a yoga studio approached the city a couple years ago about regularly using park space. With the pandemic, Eugene is expanding the program to help the local economy. 

“This year’s been heartbreaking. So, to be able to start rescheduling smaller events and then having the added help for economic type reasons; I feel really good about it,” said Meeker. “I think it’s a great service. I think our parks are the perfect place to do it and really, really love helping our community.”

Participating businesses pay $40 per month to use a pre-arranged park space up to five times per week for a maximum of two hours per day. The $150 security deposit is currently being waived.

Businesses will also be required to follow some pandemic safety guidelines, such as a 25 person limit and no physical contact activities.

So far, eight businesses have taken advantage of the program. The city will only be utilizing larger parks, such as Washington, Skinner Butte, Alton Baker and Oakmont.


For more information, call 541-682-4812 or email