Eugene Woman Says She Sees "America" At Women's March On Washington

Jan 21, 2017

Many Oregonians traveled to D.C. to participate in Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington.

Marchers in Washington D.C.
Credit Sabrina Parsons

Sabrina Parsons is CEO of Palo Alto Software in Eugene. She says she’s marching because it’s an important part of the Democratic process.

Parsons: “To get out here and be heard and be with other people who want to make sure the world knows we are concerned about our future and women’s rights.”

Parsons says the streets in D.C. are packed.

Oregon women travel to Washington D.C. for Women's March.
Credit Stacey Staniak

Parsons: “It’s all kinds of people. Obviously a lot of women, but not just women, so many men—kids, boys, girls. People of all race, color, and background. It is really amazing to see it really looks like America, it’s just everybody.”

Parsons says she hasn’t seen any counter-protesters.

Marchers gather for the Women's March on Washington.
Credit Sabrina Parsons

There were more than 600 sister marches around the world Saturday, including in Oregon cities like Eugene, Newport, Bend, and Florence.