Eugene Women In Tech Group Re-imagining Video Events

Nov 27, 2017

Lauren Jerome is co-founder of Redefining Women in Tech
Credit Karen Richards

What started as an experiment to bring women to a conversation about technology has become its own entity. “Redefining Women in Tech” has big plans for the future, including taking advantage of a recent grant.

Lauren Jerome and her partners in Eugene had a hunch that traditional tech events didn't appeal to everyone. Earlier this year, they held a workshop focused on social media and drew over 80 women. The grant, from Firefox's Mozilla, allows them to expand on the idea using fiber optic capability. Jerome says tech is a sector of the economy but it's also part of nearly everyone's job:


Jerome: “We have this divide, and we have this shortage of people for the workforce. So by being more inclusive and bringing the arts community into the conversation and bringing the food and beverage people into the conversation we can all help each other.”


Jerome hopes to create a video event format, using gaming techniques like live polling to bring diverse people together. The first grant-funded event is scheduled for January.



Redefining Women in Tech also hosts Mind Hack, a workshop on workplace diversity and inclusion on November 29th.