Eugene's Downtown Riverfront Revitalization To Begin Next Week

Jul 15, 2019

A massive project to revitalize Eugene’s downtown riverfront area kicks off on July 22nd.

The decommissioned steam plant.
Credit Amy Brenneman / KLCC

The city’s plan is to turn what is now a gravel lot into a park, plaza, and commercial businesses that will connect downtown Eugene to the river.

A 3-acre park is first on the list.

Michael Kinnison, division manager for community development, says they are also including mixed-housing on the sixteen-acre site.

“We want a lot of people here. We want people to enjoy the park and have eyes on the spaces so it feels safe and welcoming,” says Kinnison.

The city's development plan.
Credit City of Eugene Planning and Development

The decommissioned steam plant will also be restored. Mark Miksis, one of the development leads, talks about what the new building will feature.

“The ground floor of the project will have a brew pub and some restaurants,” says Miksis. “There’ll be a community arts space in the building. Then the upper floors will be focused on leadership, sustainability, and co-working space.”

They’ll start with site prep and next building season, will start building infrastructure. They hope to have the development completed in time for the track and field World Championships in 2021.