Eugene's Rapid Transit Bus Line Has Strong Ridership, So Far

Dec 27, 2017

Three months after launching the new EmX bus line in west Eugene, Lane Transit District reports initial numbers for ridership and route connections are  “right on track.”

LTD says the numbers are preliminary but promising: a 14% increase in bus ridership in the west Eugene service area. In a year-to year comparison, EmX bus boardings increased by more than 43,000 riders in 2017.

LTD Ridership and transfers are on the rise in west Eugene.
Credit Lane Transit District

With transit agencies across the country seeing a steady decline in ridership, LTD spokeswoman Therese Lang says they’ve seen an overall 1% increase.

“One percent doesn’t seem like very much but we have 10 million boardings per year,” says Lang. “And so 1% increase is 100,000 more boardings which is a pretty big number for a community like ours.”

The west Eugene EmX project was controversial in early its stages. Now after a few months of operation, Lang says some former detractors have praised the new infrastructure and the access it brings to their businesses.