Evaluation Day: Lane County COVID Case Count Still Too High

May 25, 2021

With the current rate of new COVID-19 cases, about 130 per 100,000 people, officials say Lane County is expected to remain in the High risk category for restrictions.




On Friday it will be official. Lane County will remain in High risk for COVID restrictions.
Credit Lane County Public Health

On “evaluation day,” Lane County reported 63% of the 16-plus population has received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine. The threshold for moving to Lower risk is 65%. Starting next week, county risk level changes will be announced on a weekly basis.

Public Health spokesperson Jason Davis said significant vaccination progress has been among the youngest eligible age group. In the first ten days they were allowed, more than a quarter of the county’s 12 to 15 year old population was vaccinated. 


High risk means limits to capacity at venues in Lane County.
Credit Sandy Brown Jensen

“It’s really encouraging to know that such a high percentage of that age group is vaccinated and will be protected against COVID and by doing so protect their families and the community," he said. "So thank you to them and their parents.”

Davis said mass vax clinics are still happening at Autzen Stadium but they are not filling up like the smaller clinics in schools and workplaces.