Event Commemorates Old School Building, Celebrates New One Opening This Fall

Jun 9, 2017

Tonight, the 4J School District is saying goodbye to a 60-year-old school building…and celebrating a new one.

Sign outside the new, soon-to-open Arts & Technology Academy.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

The building was home to Jefferson Middle School from 1957 to 2007.  And then the Arts and Technology Academy for the last decade.  It’ll be torn down later this year.

Kerry Delf, spokeswoman for the Eugene 4J School District, says a new arts and technology building will open this fall.

Machinery and marked off areas frame the new Arts & Technology Academy opening next door to former Jefferson Middle School.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

“There’s a lot of sustainability features built into the new buildings, which as compared to these old buildings that were built during the Baby Boom, really had a different focus, a different kind of a design, for school instruction. And certainly were not sustainable or energy efficient.”

The new building is part of a voter-approved, $170 million bond measure that passed in 2013.  Tonight’s event starts at 5:30.

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