EWEB Asking Customers To Voluntarily Conserve Water As Temperatures Rise

Jun 26, 2015

With temperatures reaching between 90 and 100, the Eugene Water and Electric Board is asking customers to voluntarily reduce water use. Oregon, like many parts of the western U.S., is currently in a drought and experienced a record low snow pack this year. EWEB Spokesman Joe Harwood isn't anticipating any mandated water restrictions, like in certain parts of California.

A Green Grass Gauge. EWEB is recommending customers use them as a way to conserve water.
Credit http://www.eweb.org/ggg.htm

Harwood: "We don't think that's going to happen, and that's why we're taking this voluntarily approach because just because you can use water, doesn't mean you always should."

Some activities to be avoided include pressure washing driveways and sidewalks, over watering lawns, and postponing new plantings. Harwood says EWEB customers aren't the only ones using the McKenzie River as a primary water source.

Harwood: "We're a large community and anything that we can leave in the river for the fish and the downstream users is a good thing."

EWEB has developed a color coded system on its website to remind customers of the low water situation.