EWEB Plans To Give Customers Dividend, But Layoff Workers

Jul 12, 2017

Eugene Water and Electric Board plans to distribute a $5-million dividend to its customers and cut its workforce in the next year.

On Tuesday, EWEB Commissioners agreed to reduce water rates by 3% and make no changes to electric rates. EWEB spokesman Joe Harwood says plans are based on 2018 budget assumptions. The utility currently employs 500 people. Harwood says it will leave some positions unfilled and offer retirement incentives.
“Between the vacant positions and retirements, if that doesn’t reach the target of 55 full-time positions, there would be some layoffs, involuntary layoffs, I would say.” Harwood says, “So, there’s a bunch of different wheels in motion. But, the bottom line is, it’s all about cost-cutting and making EWEB more affordable.”
EWEB plans to distribute a $5 million dividend between its 83-thousand residential customers. It also plans to absorb an expected rate hike from the Bonneville Power Administration. And it’s putting off plans for a $70 million water treatment facility that would have created a secondary water source.

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