FAA Reauthorization Regulates Drones

Oct 11, 2018

Amid the turmoil in Washington last week over Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump signed a re-authorization of the Federal Aviation Administration. Oregon Democratic Representative Peter DeFazio says this is good news for consumers and firefighters.

This summer an unmanned aircraft interfered with aerial firefighting of the Terwilliger Fire in the Willamette National Forest.
Credit inciweb

DeFazio says he was able to get a provision in the FAA reauthorization that requires more meaningful regulation of unmanned aircraft. This summer, a drone flying near the Terwilliger Fire east of Eugene interfered with firefighting efforts. DeFazio says the new rules forbid interference with emergency response efforts and make it easier to identify drone operators.
“It's going to have to registered. And it’s going to have transponders. So we’re going to know who’s operating it. So the jerk who stopped the firefighting up there, well next time, Sheriff couldn’t find him, after this goes into effect, we’ll find him. And he’s going to pay a $25,000 fine or go to jail.”
The FAA bill also gives the agency authority to set seat size and pitch on airplanes. DeFazio says this makes planes not only less uncomfortable, but safer for passengers and crew.