Families Say Eugene Women In Nepal Are Alive And Unharmed

Apr 28, 2015

Two Eugene area women who had been hiking in Nepal when the earthquake hit Saturday contacted their families early Tuesday morning. The 21-year old Thurston High grads are alive and safe.

Credit Brazil family

Amber Brazil and Alicia Scroggins were hiking in Nepal's Langtang National Park when the earthquake hit. Their families were worried.

Jennifer Brazil says Amber's father got a phone call from their daughter.
Brazil: "He didn’t have a lot of information. I think she wanted to get that phone call out of the way. But they were unharmed, safe, and obviously ready to get home."

Jennifer Brazil isn't sure if Amber has her cell-phone. She says she's hugely relieved to know the girls are okay.

Brazil: "I can't even tell you how good that feels, just to know that they're unharmed you know."

Jennifer Brazil says Amber and Alicia were walking to a place where they could get transportation and eventually head for home. The two friends had met up in Nepal to embark on the hike just over a week ago. Amber Brazil is finishing her bachelor's degree at the University of Oregon. Alicia Scroggins now lives in New Zealand.