Fans Want Soccer At Civic Stadium

Jan 18, 2014

Proponents of refurbishing Eugene's historic Civic Stadium into a soccer venue are continuing to gather community support. About 50 people attended a rally Saturday that started downtown and ended at the Stadium.

Fans of the Lane United Football Club and the group, Save Civic Stadium hope the 4-J District considers an option to turn the aging venue into a soccer field. Protester Jac Thomas says soccer is popular in Oregon, and Eugene could support a semi-pro team.

Thomas: "I think we just got to tell 4-J that it's not ok to destroy a piece of history just because they're going to make a buck off of it. That's not what the community is about."

Credit Desmond O'Boyle

The District is considering offers from Fred Myer, The City of Eugene, and the YMCA. Organizer Lee Zimmerman wants to see more collaboration between the groups interested in purchasing the property.

Zimmerman: "We think there is options for keeping the stadium and possibly working with the Y and or the City or other agencies, but we don't think it has to be an 'either or' scenario, we think there can be a 'this and that' scenario."

Zimmerman thinks a soccer field would also be a good source of revenue. He pointed to the success of the Portland Timbers. The 4-J District hopes to make a decision by mid-February.

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