Federal Regulators Deny Application for LNG Pipeline in Southern Oregon

Mar 11, 2016

Friday the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission denied an application to build a liquefied natural gas, or LNG, pipeline in Southern Oregon. The decision states the Pacific Connector Pipeline’s benefits do not outweigh its adverse effects on landowners.

Credit Jordan Cove Energy Project

Jared Margolis is an attorney with the Center for Biological Diversity, a group who opposes the project.

Margolis: “They determined that there’s a lot of landowner opposition to the project, it would have huge impacts on the communities that the pipeline would go through, and that the companies doesn’t have contracts in place to show that there’s a need for this project.”

The pipeline was part of a larger proposal to create a terminal at Jordan Cove on the Oregon coast. It would have carried natural gas more than 200 miles from southern Oregon to Coos Bay. Once at the coast, natural gas would have been processed and shipped to markets in Asia.