Feeling Stressed? Don't Forget To Talk, Laugh And Breathe

Nov 3, 2020

Here’s a public health message to bear in mind: Stress is bad for you. The build up of tension around the pandemic and now an historic election can take a serious toll. But there are workarounds.

Got Stress? Mental health officials suggest backing off the news consumption, taking long walks and calling a friend for some laughs.
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Heath officials say “be deliberate about your mental health.” As hard as it may be over the coming days, a tip for reducing stress is to take regular breaks from watching, reading or listening to news. And that includes social media. 

Here’s Lane County’s Jason Davis:

“We want to make sure that folks are taking care of themselves. Making sure you have people to talk to,” he said. “Making sure you know what support is out there.”

Davis advises the county’s Health and Human Services website offers several resources. When feeling overwhelmed, try talking with friends and family. It’s also good practice to focus on the things that bring you joy. Find something to laugh about. And don’t forget to breath.

Credit Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Some say the 2020 Election is the most important one in American history. No wonder we're tense.
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