Feeling the Wintery "Blahs?" Get Moving.

Dec 24, 2018

Baby, it’s cold outside. And frequently, windy, rainy and maybe even snowy. These shorter days and longer nights can make it challenging to stay active.

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Kimberly Miller is the Director of Health and Wellness at the Eugene Family YMCA. She suggests integrating fitness with a central theme of the season – spending time with loved ones.

MILLER: “So, making it a family activity. Or, making it a date to go meet a friend by taking a class together. Or going on a rainy, muddy hike. Those kinds of things where we take the time, not only for family and friends, but we gotta take care of ourselves. Especially during the holiday season when we spread ourselves thin.”

Miller says if you’re looking to stay inside and dry, another option is a class at a fitness facility. She says, whatever you choose, it’s really about finding an activity that works with your schedule and doesn’t throw your whole day out of whack.

She says exercise is great for self-care, and it even helps you rest…better.

MILLER: “This time of year, when it’s dark and it’s rainy, people tend to experience more depression. They tend to stay inside more, sometimes they can disconnect. So, exercise is a great way to just release those endorphins, to get yourself moving and motivated. And it also helps us with our immune system, helps us from getting sick.”

Miller says it’s all about keeping it fun and that even the smallest steps towards staying healthy can make a huge difference.