Final Oregon Governor's Debate Gets Feisty Over Budgets

Oct 10, 2018

Democratic Gov. Kate Brown and her GOP rival Knute Buehler faced off in their third and final debate Tuesday night.

The largely cordial debate turned personal briefly when the two talked about the state’s pension system for public employees.

That system is facing an estimated $22 billion dollar deficit. Buehler said Brown has failed to show the leadership needed to tackle reforming the system. He then implied Brown was beholden to the unions.

Brown fired back and made a pointed comment about Buehler’s wealth.

BROWN: I think it’s easy for a millionaire to say he’s going to cut the retirements of hard working Oregonians, I’m not willing to do that.

Brown said she doesn’t believe the state can cut pensions as a way to better fund education.

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