Fire Near Junction City Expected To Grow Due To Heat, Wind

Aug 26, 2016

Location of the High Pass 12.5 Fire outside of Junction City.
Credit Oregon Department of Forestry

Lane County firefighters are being kept busy by a fire 10 miles west of Junction City.

The High Pass 12-point-5 Fire started yesterday (Thursday) in the late afternoon and has burned around 200 acres. It’s expected to grow given the hot and windy weather. Tom Fields with the Oregon Department of Forestry says the flames are moving quickly through the steep area, but hopefully the wind will shift in the next few days.

“I just heard not too long ago from a weather forecaster that we’re expecting the winds to shift from this off shore, east wind event to this on shore, marine push," says Fields. "If that happens, and those winds shift, that can push the fire back into itself and that marine push will also raise the humidity.”

The fire is estimated at 10 percent contained and burning on
B-L-M and private industrial timberlands. Fields say it’s not threatening any structures or communities near the area.

Because of the high wildfire risk, Lane County Parks has banned campfires and other flammable activities.

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