Fire Repair Continues On Old McKenzie Highway

May 14, 2018

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) is managing visits to OR 242, also known as the Old McKenzie highway, which was seriously damaged from the Milli Fire in the fall of 2017.

Credit ODOT

During weekdays, ODOT will have crews with heavy equipment clearing debris and repairing roads. On weekends, pedestrians and cyclists are permitted on the highway.  

Peter Murphy, the Public Information Officer for ODOT, said that the fire damaged shoulders, culverts and even melted parts of the highway.

“You know really it’s unfortunate what happened, and folks who have been up there to be able to see the damage from the fire have been able to take a good look at some really badly burned trees,” Murphy said. “So there actually is quite a bit of work to take place up there.”

Visitors should know that the highway is not being maintained – there are obstacles in the road. ODOT plans to have their work finished by the end of May with the highway open to motor vehicles on June 18.