Firewood Program Hopes To Reduce Particulate Matter In Oakridge

Dec 11, 2015

Credit Amanda Butt

In an effort to reduce particulate matter this winter, a pilot program is providing affordable, seasoned firewood to Oakridge and Westfir residents. Seasoned firewood has been dried out for at least 6 months, reducing the amount of moisture burning back into the air. Lane Regional Air Protection Agency Spokeswoman Jo Niehaus says wintertime air pollution is pretty bad in Oakridge; especially when the air is stagnant.

Niehaus: "Oakridge has the perfect geography that kind of traps the smoke to ground level, and really increases the number of particulates in the air. This is a fairly large problem."

There are about 50 cords of firewood for sale. Registration is required, and there is a discount for elderly and low-income residents. You must be a resident of Oakridge or Westfir to qualify.

Sign-up days are Friday, Dec. 11th and Saturday, Dec. 12th

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