Flooding Danger Not Receding In Willamette Valley

Apr 9, 2019

Despite some sunbreaks today, more rain is expected. The Lane County Sheriff’s Office urges people to stay out of flood waters.

Car partially submerged in flood waters.
Credit Lane County Sheriff

Over the last 24 hours, the Sheriff’s department has rescued multiple people who drove through flooded roadways only to find the water was deeper than they thought.

Tim Chase, Search and Rescue Coordinator, says the unpredictability of conditions also puts rescuers at risk.

“It’s not like the river, if somebody’s on an island, we’ve gone to that island before. But, on these roadways, we just don’t know what’s down there – fence lines and all kinds of debris in there. So it makes it very difficult and very dangerous to do these kind of rescues.”

The Sheriff’s office continues to monitor flooded areas around the county. While the risk of floods is receding, with more rain on the way the area will still see high water flows.

The Lane County non-emergency call center has closed due to low call volume. You can see regular updates at lanecounty.org.