Flu Still A Public Health Concern Amid Coronavirus Threat

Mar 10, 2020

Oregon’s flu season peaked in mid-January but there is still widespread flu activity in communities, everywhere. Unlike COVID-19, there is a vaccine to protect against Influenza and health officials urge those who haven’t gotten a flu shot yet-- to do it.

A weakened immune system could make it easier to become infected by any disease, including novel coronavirus.

This image illustrates the very beginning stages of an influenza (flu) infection.
Credit Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Johnathon Modie is with the Oregon Health Authority. He says COVID-19 and Influenza share a few things—like those at high risk of complications from each.

“That includes older adults, those 65 and older, people with underlying health conditions, diabetes, HIV-AIDS, asthma,” Modie says. 

Modie says both viruses also have the same prevention protocols. Really wash hands, cover coughs, toss tissues and stay home with cold or flu-like symptoms. And Modie says, it is not too late to get a flu shot.  

There are not yet any confirmed cases of coronavirus in Lane County, however hundreds have been sickened with Influenza this flu season and one child died.