"Flying People" On The Move

Oct 20, 2015

The Eugene airport plans to move a popular art installation during a construction project. This has caused some concern in the community, but the "flying people" aren't going away.

Credit Eugenearttalk.com

The airport will be taking down some of the walls that hold the late David Joyce's "Flight Patterns". The black-and white cutouts of local folks who look like they're flying were installed in concourse A in 1989. During construction, the plan is to move the piece to Lane Community College's David Joyce gallery. Katherine Stephens, Airport Assistant Director, says they've been talking with Joyce's widow about the long term plan.

Stephens:  "Beyond that, we really don't know exactly what we are doing because the walls will be in a different configuration. So we need a little more consultation with Kasey Joyce to figure out, can this work of art be reinstalled in an appropriate way or do we need to look at other options?"

Stephens says nothing has been decided. Kasey Joyce has advised not dividing up the art piece. The airport construction project is expected to be complete in about a year.