Food For Lane County Get $100,000 Grant.

Nov 6, 2014

Food for Lane County has received a one hundred thousand dollar grant. KLCC's Desmond O'Boyle reports an anonymous donor wanted the money to utilize local products.

Food for Lane County's Intentional Food Program works with local farmers to produce food to be distributed to hungry families. Apple Sauce, Lentils, and Barley Flakes are some of the items currently funded and produced in this manner. Dawn Marie Woodward is a spokeswoman for Food for Lane County. She says the donor heard about the Intentional Food Program and contacted the Oregon Community Foundation.  

A large check being presented at Sweet Creek
Credit Food for Lane County

Woodward: "And loved the idea of donor money not only helping people who need help, but building the economy in our area as well, so it's a very good fit. And I wish I could shake the donor's hand and say, 'Thank you, Thank you!'"

A large check was presented Tuesday at Sweet Creek Foods in Elmira, where they process the applesauce. Woodward says every dollar donated provides 3 meals.

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