Getting To Zero: Lane County And City Of Eugene Look To End Homelessness

Jan 23, 2019

The City of Eugene and Lane County officials are throwing their support behind an ambitious proposal aimed at effectively ending homelessness in the region.

Credit Tiffany Eckert

Zero homeless. That’s the goal of a series of recommendations provided by the Boston-based consultant, Technical Assistance Collaborative. Their roadmap to end homelessness includes construction of a 75-bed public shelter, more units of supportive housing and expanding existing programs.

The Eugene City Council have directed City Manager John Ruiz and Lane County Administrator Steve Mokrohisky to develop a plan by May 1st.

Mokrohisky says there is a collective desire to meet the challenge.

“The reality is there‘s a moral component. There’s an element of helping individuals who are struggling,” he says. “There’s also the element of financial responsibility. There are individuals that are unhoused that are costing our systems a lot of money.”

Lane County Administrator Steve Mokrohisky (right) visted KLCC studios with County Liaison Linda Bravo to talk about the recent recommendations for ending homelessness countywide.
Credit Devon Ashbridge

Mokrohisky says there is no dispute about what needs to be done to get the area homeless number down to none. The question is how to pay for it.