Good Gardening: Gifts For The Gardener

Dec 5, 2016

 If you are looking for a gift for the gardener in your life, I have a few ideas that will make the garden more productive, the gardener more comfortable, and the house quieter.

Master Gardener John Fischer
Credit John Fischer

  Gardeners like to pretend that they will only kneel for a minute or two while pulling out weeds, putting in starts or pulling out weeds.  But a morning garden session often ends with the familiar cry of "Honey- it's lunch time".  Getting up can be slow and painful- even for young kneed people.    A movable knee pad is one- poor - option, but my time as a construction worker introduced me to high quality strap on knee pads.  When you head out for that "few minutes" of garden time, put on the knee pads- especially if you are young, so you'll have good knees in your golden years.  My second garden gift idea is a pair- or two- of inexpensive gloves.  I know that some gardeners enjoy the cracked fingers that come with constantly dirty hands, and endless washing.  I did for many years.  But now I wear thin rubber coated fabric gloves- and I like them better than leather gloves.  The rubber gloves fit tightly, and allow you to do fine work- like weeding.  The thinner gloves fit in a back pocket easily, so they are there when you need them.  A happy, pain free gardener, is a more productive gardener.  And the knee pads will keep you from developing Rice Crispies syndrome.  That annoying snap, crackle , and pop that comes from prematurely worn out joints. I'm John Fischer with KLCC's good Gardening.