Govt Shutdown Won't Have Immediate Affect in Lane County

Oct 1, 2013

The government shutdown may not have immediate impacts on most Oregonians. But, officials say, if it continues for several weeks, veterans and others who depend on federal programs could be affected. Jason Davis is with Lane County Health and Human Services.

Davis: "We just want to reassure people that if they are utilizing services through the county that there's not going to be a change. If they have a pre-existing appointment with a government person for a service or otherwise there's not going to be a change in that. There is sort of a buffer between us and the federal government that they won't experience a noticeable difference right now."

Oregon Congressman Peter DeFazio says the government shutdown will immediately halt Forest Service projects in the state.

Some members of Washington's congressional delegation have offered to give up their paychecks during the shutdown.