Gyms and Their Members Will Be Affected by New Mask Laws

Jul 23, 2020

Governor Kate Brown has placed new restrictions on gyms and fitness centers effective Friday. Masks are required to be worn at all times, even during exercise that is deemed “strenuous.”


Pursue Fitness in Springfield before opening in the morning. The gym has seen a loss in members and revenue.
Credit Matthew Turnquist

According to Matthew Turnquist, general manager of Springfield gym Pursue Fitness, previous rules requiring masks to be worn upon entry and while walking between equipment deterred many members from returning. With the updated mask mandate, he expects even more cancellations.


“I’m really grateful to not be the person that has to make these decisions,” said Turnquist. “However, I think you can take these guidelines and still operate in a way that’s reasonable. You just have to make some adjustments.” 


Turnquist says Pursue can’t provide the same services it did before COVID, including 24/7 hours and childcare. He says revenue and usage is down to about 75 percent, and his inbox is full of membership cancellations. But, the gym will continue to operate because so many community members still use its facilities. 


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