Hearing Scheduled on Proposed Payroll Tax For Public Safety In Eugene

May 12, 2019

 The City of Eugene is considering a payroll tax to help fund publicsafety.  The proposal aims to raise more than $23 million dollars to bolster the city police’sability to prevent and respond to crime.

EPD Chief Chris Skinner.
Credit Eugene Police

 The payroll tax-if approved- would cost about  $10 a monthfor an employee making $14 an hour. Eugene Police ChiefChris Skinner says his department lacks the funds to adequatelyrespond to public safety needs.Skinner: “We’re at a tipping point in this community that if we donothing, it’s not a status quo environment where we just live inthe space that we’re in now. This will continue to degrade. It willcontinue to trend downward into a place where we will be able toanswer less and less and less calls for service and that is adangerous place for a community to be.”Skinner says if the city acts now the situation can be turnedaround. The public safety payroll tax would fund police, fire andemergency medical services, municipal court, homeless andprevention services. A public hearing on the payroll tax proposal isMay 28 th at 7:30 p.m. in Harris Hall in Eugene.