Heat & Smoky Air Increase Demand For AC in Northwest

Jul 11, 2021

The recent historic heatwave and expectation of further heat and smoke in a changing climate has more northwesterners installing air conditioners. 

More people in the northwest are getting air conditioners to cope with the higher temperatures and increase in wildfire smoke.
Credit Jennifer Ford



Bill Jerome owns Climatize, an HVAC company in Eugene. He says his call volume is up 400 percent over the past couple of months. He said with the fires and smoke last year and the recent triple digit heat wave, more people want AC.

“A lot of people who have been wanting and thinking about it over the years are now ready to make that decision,” Jerome said. “ Both to deal with their comfort now with these heat waves but then also to plan for possible smoke when they would have to close up their homes in 85-90 degree weather because they don’t want the smoke coming in.”

Air Conditioning isn’t widespread in the northwest. And, the ubiquitous electric ceiling heat is inefficient. Utilities offer rebates for energy efficient systems like ductless heat pumps.

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