Heavy Snows And Bitter Cold To Subside Over Weekend

Jan 4, 2017

Heavy snowfall has caused many closures across the Southern Willamette Valley and surrounding region.  This is in addition to below freezing temps in the evenings.  

A snow plow makes its way across Eugene, after an overnight storm layered the region with several inches.
Credit Rachael McDonald / KLCC

There will be another inch of snowfall by day’s end, followed by a couple dry –yet still chilly – days.

Andy Bryant of the National Weather Service’s Portland Bureau says there’s relief coming over the weekend, as temperatures get a bit warmer.

“You know when I say ‘warmer’ it’s relatively speaking…it’s still only going to be highs around 40 degrees.  And lows in the mid 30s," Bryant tells KLCC.  

"But it does look like it’ll going to be wet for Saturday night, Sunday….quite a bit of rain for the weekend, and into the early part of next week.” 

Downtown traffic was light, given the wave of closures and delays following the heavy snowfall.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

Bryant adds until then, people should be mindful of the cold, especially freezing fog…which can add an icy layer of mist to surfaces, including roads and sidewalks.